OT: Day Break

There's an old ABC show that's was discontinued but still airs online... Day Break. The credits have some snare sounds in them... VDL used at all? Just curious. Peace...
Haven't seen it. If you can find a video or audio clip with the section mentioned, let us know.

Day Break should be to the right. Skip to the credits on any of them... it's really just effects and such, but still interesting.
Thanks for the link. I did some checking, and indeed VDL2 was used on the credits for ABC's ";Day Break."; Mark Kilian (composer for ";Day Break";) is a Virtual Drumline 2 user. You can hear more of his music on his website at: http://www.markkillian.com

On yet another side note, ";Tsotsi"; (which he also scored) is a great film.
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