OT-Pit Racks

Hello everyone.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good accessory rack for the pit?  How many of you guys have gone the home made route?  Do I need to buy a standard Pearl or Gibralter rack and add casters? 

I welcome your input.

Clay Sloan
Personally have had really bad luck with the pneumatic wheels in the past. I.E. Flat tires, inner wall of the tire blowing out on the the way to a performance, being punctured by something in the equipment truck. We always carried an electric pump and extra tubes with us everywhere. LOL!

Justin is right though that the pneumatic wheels cost about 35-45 a piece.
6 inch hard rubber casters are 7.50 w/out Brake and 10.00 w/brake. No clue on the bass drum stand. . .Sorry.
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