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[b][color=Blue][size=12pt]Hi fellow drummers

I'm an old school writer and am searching for that fabulous tool the guys use on drumline to write scores out from just playing on a drum with a trigger.

The question is - can it be done yet?  Perhaps I have totally missed the point on this new announcement but as far as I can see, it doesn't have that writing capability.

Us drummers in Europe are just waiting for someone to develop such a system.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Dean Hall
Scottish Style Pipe Band Snare Drummer[/b]
I don't think there's anything like this yet. At least nothing with a desirable amount of accuracy. Movies can make that sort of thing look simple, but to my knowledge, there would be a lot more involved than current tools are capable of. Never say never though...someday something like that may exist.
If you watch that part in Drumline, when the music prints out, there are flats and sharps.  They still had some bugs to work out as well......:)
Thank you, someone else noticed that, I almost walked out of the movie at that point.  hahahaha
One thing that I have been able to play around with that works OK, is to use Melodyne (vocal tuning software).  Take a snare, mic it up, play the part, and record the audio into some DAW.  Take Melodyne, and import the audio into it.  Melodyne has the ability to take audio and transfer it into MIDI data, and does it very well.

I do this all the time with guitar and drum parts in the studio.  Convert it to MIDI data, export it, and throw some synth plugs over it to create some interesting background parts.
(Looking at the music) ";I've never seen combinations like that..."; 

[size=12pt][color=Blue]Yes this would be an amazing and very popular product if anyone has the time to put into the development of it.�� I thought of using 2 triggers on a drum pad (separate one for each stick) which feed into an interface to diferentiate between the 3 sounds - tap, accent and buzz.�� Then these signals just need to be translated into the notation that we are all used to seeing.

My biggest problem as a composer is that I don't have the time to write out my scores a second time on the PC.�� If the truth be known, I am slightly lazy :-/ but I would pay hundereds for this potential time saving product.

As someone already said on this thread, it is just a matter of time before it happens.�� Perhaps it is next on the list after the holodeck ;-)�� But really, there must be someone with interest in electronics, drumming and has contact with a current drumming software company out there who is interested in doing this or do we have to wait longer for the technology to catch up with our fast hands ??

Either way - enjoy your ratamacues!![/color][/size]
[quote author=Owen Taylor link=topic=1771.msg8579#msg8579 date=1180826369]
(Looking at the music) ";I've never seen combinations like that..."; 



Exactly. The combination of snare drum music with flats, sharps and naturals.

I'll never get those two hours of my life back...
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