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Hey guys, I'm having trouble recording my Finale 2006 audio files with the VDL:2 sounds. It records the battery and mallet sounds with an acoustic grand piano. I'm running virtual drumline as a separate program (as in i load the sounds and vdl2 separately or i can't hear anything on my vdl2 template in finale). I can't figure out how to record audio files or my music as vdl2 sounds. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!


Above are some links that will help you on your way to making recordings of VDL2 with your notation program.  Hope this helps you get on your way.
Make sure that you have Finale 2006[b]a[/b] or later, otherwise this will not work.�� This was a feature that was not hooked up until Finale 2006a.�� Saving as an audio file with VST's was added in the ";a"; release.�� If you do not have the option to get the update by looging into your account with MakeMusic, you will need to use some other program like Cubase or Bidule, etc to load your Midi file into that and then do a mixdown from that program.

The above would be true if you were running the VDL from within Finale (which I would recommend).�� If you are using a Standalone version then the SAVE AS AUDIO will not work the way you are wanting it becasue it will use the sounds from within Finale.�� I would then recommend one of the programs above or maybe Audacity.

Go to the HELP MENU -->ABOUT FINALE and if your version says 2006a or later then I would run VDL from within the FINALE program.
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