OT Advice: GB, Logic Express, Logic Pro...

I'm thinking about getting a better sequencer/DAW (sorry if my usage is wrong), but I really don't know if I need one. And if I do need one, what would the benefits really be? My goal is to take full advantage of the VDL:2 software and other packages I have. I'm not much into the recording venue, but I am very interested in anything MIDI. I'm only using GB right now and pretty much have the thing down like the back of my hand.

So my question for the pros out there:
What software would you recommend?
If I need to clarify what I would be doing... ask a couple questions and I'll try to be more specific...

Thanks in advance!
If I'm right on this, it looks like Logic Express 8 just became the latest and greatest tool for composers/arrangers looking for great notation and great audio. Granted that Logic Studio 8 has more features, but take a look...


Apple has boosted each of their audio products over time and it finally looks like they hit a good medium for each kind of user!

GB for the typical website, podcast, etc.
LE for the power arranger/composer that wants a quality representation
LS for the professional Producer/Engineer

I'm going for LE and holding out on the Sibelius upgrade... I won't have it for a while. But I'll let everyone know how it turns out!
For those already running with Logic notation... How different of a mindset is it really? I really liked thinking along the lines of notation first and avoiding the technical stuff until the end... Peace...
Some other posts mention that the notation in LE7 doesn't work as well as LP7. Is this true for version 8? Has anyone looked into this?
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