Template Note head issue

First of all, I tried to avoid asking this question here, but my Finale boards are not helping me.

The basics: Finale 2006b, VDL2 1.73 gig Proc, 2 gig ram. Oh yeah..XP.

A few days ago my templates started displaying wrong noteheads. For instance, in my Rack A staff, many notes heads now appear as boxes, the number ";3";'s or G clefs. This seems to be happening in most of my staves. They appear incorrectly in the drum map in every piece I open-so its not an issue with one file. Some noteheads are fine (such as most snare hits).

If it helps, I had just found out how to change staff styles mid-staff (changing a Marimba staff to Impact drum for 8 meas for instance). It seemed to happen soon after. Thanks for any help!

I know Im replying to myself, but due to a half-asleep vision, I got it. I edited the staves in the ";Staff Styles"; section using the Maestro font, while the VDL2 templates want to see the Maestro Percussion font, which gave me boxes and G clefs instead of note heads. Therefore, I screwed up.

Thanks! Mod - feel free to delete thread.

Good thing to know... Someone else may have this problem some time...
This may be overkill, but Ill give a step-by-step how to do this. My real problem was if you open a map under ";Define Staff Styles"; and you dont select the correct font, the map is globally changed to reflect the wrong map. So you need to choose the correct font BEFORE opening the map. Buttons are enclosed, such as - []

1. Select [Staff] Tool
2. Select [Staff]
3. Select [Define Staff Syles]
4. Select [New]
5. Next to ";Notehead Font"; bottom left, click [Select]
6. Choose ";Maestro Percussion"; from list-click [OK]
7. In ";Notation Style"; select ";Percussion"; from the list-Click [Select]
8. Choose your map from list-[Select]
9. Rename this Staff Style
10. OK

The map should be correct in both ";Staff Styles"; and in normal staff view.

Thanks for a great forum! Im a in-frequent poster, but frequent reader.

Great Job!  Thanks for those directions as those will help other users.  I can try to add this as a FAQ and get that up this week.

NEW FAQ added.  Thanks for bringing that up.  This definitely will be of use.
My pleasure.
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