Emergency ordering problem!!!

Hi everybody. I just ordered VD2 through the tapspace website, and when I entered my CC info, I put in the wrong billing address, but my card was still billed. I went back and re-did the address info, and had to re-enter my CC info again, and it charged me AGAIN for a 2nd time!!! I have only bought one order of VD2 and the m-audio 49e keyboard. I need someone from this site, either Jim or Murray or someone on tech support who can help me out as I need to get that money back. I just lost $310 so ya.... help.

Your best bet would be to go to the contact page and use the email and phone there and perhaps that will warrant a quicker response?

Here's a link for you...


Remember to wait until a little later on, as I'm not sure where in the USA they're located and you won't get a response at 6AM their time!
Dear Blair,

We're looking into this and you can rest assured you won't be charged twice. We will be contacting you by email to follow up.

Thank you for your support.
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