Please help...noob that just got the program...

Ok, so I got VDL2 yesterday and I have been trying to get it to work properly ever since.  I have a Mac Powerbook G4 with VDL2, Finale 2007, 2 gigs of RAM, and VDLMidi running as my input device (spent money on the program, now I need to save up for a keyboard).  I've followed all the directions in the manual, quickstart, and most of the stuff on the forums and it's just not working right.  I can get snare sounds in the template, but that's it.  And those aren't even on the right notational staves that I like to use and what not.  I can get it to work as a stand alone and it comes up as a plug in, it just doesn't transfer into the score.  PLEASE HELP!!!  I love the sounds and can't wait to use it, I just need to know how.
I would strongly recommend using VDL as a plugin within Finale 2007.  You can choose this by going to the MIDI MENU -->NATIVE INSTRUMENTS AU SETUP.  When this opens, choose  Virtual Drumline 2 from the dropdown menu and hten click EDIT to open the player and load yo ur sounds.  Keep in mind that the channels matching may be where you are having the issue.

When you load the sounds into the player you will see a small number directly under the Instrument name (OMNI, 1,2,3,etc).  if you are loading VDL into the CH 17-32 Bank in the AU Setup area, then whatever the first sound in the player is, will need to say CHANNEL 17 in the Instrument List window.

Check Jim's explanation here:
I have it loaded as a plug in, it is the channel matching that i confusing me. I'm getting sounds, but the usual spot on the staff for snare is coming up as a cymbal and it is putting the snare hits above the staff.  Keeping all the notes on the same line is not going well for me.
From your description, it sounds like you did not download the template yet.

Without the template, the notes will appear in their correct spot on a keyboard, not on a drum score.
Can you doubleclick on the staff with the Staff Tool and then where it says NOTATION STYLE: PERCUSSION on the Staff Attributes, click SELECT and what Percussion Map do you have chosen right now?

You should be seeing one of the VDL percussion maps that is chosen.  Try clicking EDIT and then clicking ALL NAMED NOTES and clicking DONE and then OK.

See if this helps.
I did download the template, I'm just a little confused as to how to use it.�� I'm new to the whole MIDI thing so I'm just getting used to everything.


So I'm getting the sounds to work now.  Just a few more questions.  Do I always have to work out of the template?  If not, how do I adjust it to let me work through another score.  I'm using the snare, tenor, and bassline lite settings, but when I loaded the bass drum it said that my memory was getting low.  How do I fix it so that I can have a full drumline score (snare, tenor, bass, cymbal plus full pit) without sacrificing playable sounds.  I have 20 GBs of free memory on my computer right now, plus I'm in the middle of purchasing jump drives to help out with the space limitations.  Thanks for all the help so far guys, I really appreciate it.  I've been asked to write parts for a drumline in Texas and it's the first time I've been hired out, so I want to give them the best possible product, and I know that I can do that with this program...once I figure it out haha.
To work in another score, you can add staves via the Setup Wizard in Finale by using the STAFF TOOL -->STAFF MENU -->NEW STAVES (WITH SETUP WIZARD).�� This will let you choose SMARTMUSIC SOFTSYNTH as the Instrument Set at the top of the Setup Wizard.�� Once you had added the staves that you need, you will have the opportunity to load the percussion maps in from the template that you saved and then make each of those new added staves work with one of the percussion maps.

1.) Open Template
3.) choose PERCUSSION MAPS and give it a name and save it to your Finale 2007\Libraries folder
4.) Open your other score
5.) Go to FILE -->LOAD LIBRARY and choose the library you just saved

This will load the VDL percussion maps from the template so you can use them in other scores.

Check this post regarding the Low Memory warning.�� This may give you some very good information as to what settings you may want to try changing.

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