New Keymap Problem

After months with no problems, my keymaps have started doing some weird things.

When I hit the ";C"; for a right hand hit on the ten-inch drum on quads, I get exactly that.

When I hit the ";B"; for a left hand hit on the ten-inch drum on quads, I get a note on middle-line ";B"; (in treble clef.)

I've found a few other problems like that in the bassline keymap, but I haven't gotten around to trying to find all of them in all the other keymaps.

Everything was working fine as recently as a week ago. Any advice?

Thank you.

Hey Matt,

Can you please give us a bit more information about your Computer system?

1.) Finale or Sibelius? Version?
2.)  What kind of Computer?
3.) Specifically which sounds are you loading that you notice this on?  Lite sounds?  FULL?  Auto R/L?

This will helps us all  troubleshoot this better.
Of course, I'm sorry.

1. Sibelius 4
2. Dell Inspiron 9300
3. I've loaded the snare, tenor, and bass lite sounds.

    Again, I've used this configuration with almost no problems for about a year now, and I've just started having these problems this week.

Are you using the Sibelius template? If so, what [i]staff types[/i] are set to each staff?


Never mind. The only problem I'm having now is that I have an undeniable tendency to be a real dumba*s.

I fixed the problem. I'm sorry.

Thank you, guys.

No worries Matt -- I know the feeling! :) Hope all is well with you!
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