Sibelius 5 annouced

Thanks Bill! Here is some karma for your troubles:)
I haven't talked to Jim about that yet, but if nothing else, I can help you get that up and running once you get the program.  It's not that complicated.

I've messed around with the demo on my PC and while there are some differences, obviously, I really like the fact that the program itself runs similarly to Sibelius 4.  The VST hosting isn't hard to figure out at all with Sibelius 5.
I will definitely give VST a try then. Thanks Bill!

Jim, do you think you guys are�� going to make a quickstart guide on how to get VST going in Sib 5? Should I contact Sibelius instead?

One of the biggest advantages of VST hosting is the fact that when you save a file, it retains all the instruments that were loaded and loads them automatically for you.

The other cool thing is that if you host the program and use the ";Save as Audio"; feature, it saves with your sounds instead of the default piano.
this looks spectacular!  can't wait to try out these new features.

Big congrats Jim - Tapspace is taking over the world!
Excuse my ignorance on the VST Hosting thing, but would there be any advantages to running through VST versus running K2 standalone?
It's the Kontakt Player 2 that is built in if I read the information right.  You can host Kontakt 2 or any other VST program in Sibelius 5 though.

I have to admit to being a little skeptical over an upgrade so soon, but it looks totally justified.

Anyone know how Sibelius having Kontakt 2 built in will affect those of us who have and use the full version already?

Sweet, more templates to create for me (once I get the program).  I actually enjoy creating them.  How sadistic is that?
Congrats Jim! It's good to see VDL getting distributed to the masses more and more! I'm going tonight to a Sibelius User Group in Nashville to check this out. Looks sweet! What's the timeframe for a new Sib. 5 template? (Especially for that easy instrument switching stuff!!!)

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