Windows Vista Compatibility

Virtual Drumline comes built into Native Instruments Kontakt Player. Official compatibility with Windows Vista will come in due course with their development cycle. Native Instruments has posted a series of information about their plans to officially support their products with Windows Vista [b][url=]at this link[/url].[/b]
Virtual Drumline 2 will work better with 2008 due a lot of Human Playback updates, and the fact that it can be run WITHIN the Finale program rather than your Finale 2005 version.  2008 is also the only Vista supported version, although the other versions may run just fine.  I do not think you will notice any issues if you choose to get VDL 2.5.  VDL 2.5 seems to run fine under Vista.
I am about to purchase VDL 2.5 and I have a new Windows Vista machine.  I also just installed  FINALE 08, but still use FINALE 05b, 06 and 07 depending on client preferences.  Is it worth purchasing VDL 2.5 at this time or is it best to wait until it is supported?  Would I have better luck with FINALE 08 vs. Fianle 05/06? 

If you are wanting some some assistance via phone, I would be happy to talk with you and help you get up and running.

We understand that this can be difficult and want to make sure that we are helping you in any way we can.  I have sent you a message with my number.  Please feel to call me at your earliest convenience and I would be happy to help you with this issue.                 
Go to the Native Instruments site and on the Support page is a link for Compatability. There are some answers there. Be warned that tech support/customer service with NI is not the best and they are in Germany so there is the time difference.

Ted Boliske
I wish you had telephone support since I am obviously not computer savy enough to use this program. I installed it per the directions and had two of my businesses IT people try to get it to work with no luck. Is there someone in either Dallas Tx or Fresno CA that is knowledgable about the program that I could hire to help me to get it working? I am not able to get the instruments to show up in finale 2008.  The Garritan software installed automatically but this won't. I have downloaded the vdl template and library files but still with no luck getting anything to work. Will later editions be more user friendly with finale?
Thanks much,

I have an HP pavilliion laptop 2megs ram 3.2 ghz 80gigs memory with windows vista.
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