Multiple Cymbal Parts

Hi, I'm a relatively new user to VDL2 using Sibelius and Windows XP.  I'm trying to write 3 cymbal parts for a cadence.  I've tried writing them all on one staff but it is difficult to see which part each individual player plays.  I've also tried using the ossia staves on top and bottom, but the markings seem to change to a regular notehead for all cymbal sounds. 

Is there any way that I can incorporate all cymbal sounds for one player on to one line of the staff to allow writing multiple parts without using multiple staves?  I would ideally like to use the symbols used in Eddie Capps's Cymbal Techniques 101 book/dvd.  Please let me know if you have any advice.  Thanks!
Check out this post...

Jim gives pretty simple explanation of how that can be accomplished. Then after all is said and done, you can do a ";Focus On Staves"; to hide the playback staff.
Thanks, Bryan.  I'm still needing to change the noteheads for the cymbals, though.  I'm planning on using the Cymbal Techniques 101 book/dvd by Eddie Capps.  He has some exercises that I'd like to use to help with technique, quality sounds, timing, etc.  .  If I can change the noteheads on VDL2 to match the exercises and noteheads he uses, it should cause less confusion to my cymbal line.  Thanks again...
If you have two different staves (one for notation and one for playback), it shouldn't matter what noteheads are on the playback staff, as they are there merely to make sure that the right MIDI pitches are triggered.  Check out the excerpt that helps describe what I'm talking about. Maybe we're talking about the same thing but speaking a different language.

Ah, I see what you mean now.  Thanks for your help!
All good suggestions, but if you find you just want to get the parts out there and not worry so much about the notation I would suggest just putting a number 1-3 below the notes to designate which player is which.  My players are pretty used to that convention, and it definitely saves me time when I'm writing.
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