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One of the groups I'll be working with this year is performing Key Poulan's ";In The Shadow of Dragons"; and one of the required instruments is a marching machine.  I've seen it in UpFront but I have to ask... does anyone have any good directions for building one?  How big should it be?
Hehe--like I said, I think it measured about 16";x16";.  Really you're only limited by the size of your blocks and the spacing you're after.  Start there--pick your block size, a relative spacing unit, and the size of your rows.  Add that up for an interior perimeter, and then figure about 2-6"; extra inches a side for the frame. 

Were you looking over my shoulder?  I just drew that design a few minutes ago...

About how big were your dimensions? 
If you don't mind doing a little drilling, buy a few 1x1 posts and cut them to the same length (6"; or so).  Take some 2-3"; PVP pipe with 90 degree elbows and fashion a box for the blocks.  Drill holes for each row in the matrix in the pipe, and then for each block drill a hole completely through, and then another perpindicular to that hole about 3/4"; below it.  You can now shoelace-weave rope through the pipe rows in one length of string.  I think the one I made had a 6x6 matrix of blocks, and measured about 16";x16";. Definitely cheaper than buying.
Mason is pretty talented at building things like that...

We did a show two years ago that used two marching machines. We had a zealous band dad build both of them with directions we found on the internet. I'm sure you can google it and find what you need.

After watching Brian Mason build a couple, I determined that I'd never buy one.


Scroll down and you'll see it... [b]$70[/b]
Chris, the guy you've seen on forums called floatdude has that company that makes stands and other such stuff.  I know he has them for sale on his site.
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