bass drum rim clicks...

i am using finale 2006, and when i use the bass drum AutoRL, or any battery bass drum set, the rim hits that are notated (X) are played back when shuffling through the sounds using the + and - keys, and even when i use the key or my MIDI keyboard, it plays back, but when i actually try playback the entire piece, that particular note has no sounds... any ideas? any one else had a similar problem?

This is just an update on how this was resolved incase any other users are seeing this issue

When we went into the file we did the following:

1.) STAFF TOOL -->double-click on the BD staff
2.) NOTATION STYLE: PERCUSSION...clicked SELECT to bring up the Percussion Map Selection
3.) Selected the BD Map for the staff and then clicked EDIT
4.) Chose ALL NAMED NOTES and VIEW ONLY NAMED NOTES at the bottom of the window
5.) Scrolled down to D5 (BD unison clicks for the Auto R/L map)

At the right side of the Percussion Map Designer there is a PLAYBACK NOTE.�� This should say 74 for BD Auto R/L.�� The Playback Note here was 0 and had somehow been changed.

Just a hint as to where you may want to check and see if this happens to you.
Can you go to [url=][/url] and look at the top two updates.�� There is an updated player (1.1.8 ) here and an updated library version 1.5 with some fixes for VDL2.�� Lets try getting these updates and see if this is helpful.�� Thre are some included instructions that will walk you through how to install the VDL2 1.5 Library update.�� [u]Make sure that you are using the current Template for Finale 2006[/u] available at the Updates page as well.�� If you have not been using this, I can show you how to save the Percussion Maps (Save Library) from the template so that you can use them in your document that you have right now.
yes i am using BD AutoRL, and the BD autoRL map...  when i click in the right hand corner this is the info it gives me...



hope this info helps to help me find a solution...
Click in the upper left corner of the player itself and it should list  which version of the library and player you are using.  Can you supply this information please?
Just to clarify:  You are saying that you are using BD AUto R/L.  Can you please verify that you are using that Percussion Map as well as using that sound that you have loaded?  You will want to make  sure that you are using the AUTO R/L  Percussion Map.
ok... tried both things... nothing works, i still have no playback from that particular note, when using Bass Drum AutoRL, all the other notes work just fine, it is only (X) that gives me problems...
[quote author=Coach link=topic=1792.msg8726#msg8726 date=1181509429]
When you go to the STAFF TOOL -->double-click on the Bass Drum Staff -->Notation Style:Percussion and click SELECT.�� What Percussion Map is selected?��

You may want to highlight the proper percussion map and then click EDIT.�� Then click ALL NAMED NOTES and then click OK.
When you go to the STAFF TOOL -->double-click on the Bass Drum Staff -->Notation Style:Percussion and click SELECT.  What Percussion Map is selected? 
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