Question about VDL2

[b][i]So I've heard many things, primarily good, about VDL:2.  I use Finale 2005 with the Yamaha sound font.  I'm not sure if it's the dynamic contrast of the software, but a lot of times, the set dynamic doesn't sound exactly like it should.  In other words, a lot of times ";P"; sounds too loud to be soft.

My question, is the way that the sounds in VDL2 are set up, does everything sound as if it's in a real setting?  On the field maybe...?  Do they sound like it's actually happening or like the samples are just being plain told what to do?


I assume you are talking about Henne's soundfont that had made its way around the forums.  Henne did not record his soundfont, he lifted them from recordings of drumlines.  I am willing to bet that he did not have permission to use those sounds.

Tapspace's sounds are professionally recorded at the highest quality with the Santa Clara Vanguard.  All of the samples are recorded at multiple velocities. For example, the marimba recorded every note at all dynamic levels so when you list a phrase mezzo-forte it will actually play mezzo-forte.

Continue to browse the forums and the FAQ to answer more of your questions.  Also, don't forget to listen to the demos.


Thanks.  Actually no, haha.  I've never used Henne's font, I use another Yamaha soundfont that I downloaded a couple years ago from another forum.

That's...pretty much what I was looking for.  After listening to a few demo's, I really believe VDL2 is my right ticket.

Thanks again.
Yep.  It is what you are looking for.  They rock!
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