VDLMidi multiple instrument input

Hey guys,

I've been having some trouble getting VDLMidi to input multiple instruments on one part (tenor double stops, cymbal/snare stuff, etc.) I've read the ReadMe file but I don't really understand the explanation.  Any help would be awesome.
Hey, thanks for your question.  Can you please specify the following:

1.) Finale or Sibelius?  What version?
2.) What kind of Macintosh do you have?

This will help us give you better sugestions.

Finale 2007, Powerbook G4.  Also, diddle playback?  I've looked around on the site and can't get it to work, yes I'm using smart playback...I think...
I personally have never used VDL Midi.�� If you are looking for MULTIPLE NOTE Input It looks like there is an option when you click CONFIG and NOTES to ";Input Multiple Notes";.�� Other Than that I will take a look quick here and see if I can get things going in Finale 2007.�� It says in the Read Me that he did not really test in Finale 2007, or had no way of doing so at the time.�� I wouldn't see why it wouldn't work though.

I'll get back to you.
After doing some checking and fast learning, I am able to enter notes correctly, etc.�� But, it does not look like it is possible to�� choose the MULTIPLE NOTE INPUT option and have it do this with Finale - or at least I am not getting it to work.�� What might work is entering the single note in Speedy Entry, and then using your Arrow Keys to arrow back to the note you just entered and then use the Up or Down Arrow Key and then hit the ENTER key on your Number Pad.�� This will ADD a note to the one you just entered.�� You could then use + or - to transpose the note to the correct note.�� That is the only thing I can think of right now since it doesn't seem to take the inputting of multiple notes from VDLMidi.

If anyone else has some more experience with VDLMidi and using this can you verify?
I certainly know VDLMidi, but I don't really know Finale. Other people have said that the two work together in the past (though I don't know about the multiple note functionality). I'll be off on vacation for a while, and I'll try to take a look after I'm back. In the meantime, hopefully other Finale people can speak up...
You might try holding the ";command"; key before you click the button to enter your multiple chosen notes. Brian Perez and I were recently on tour and using VDLmidi, and the same question came up. There's a mention of this in the ReadMe file. Granted, that was with Sibelius though, so I'm not sure if the same condition exists when using in conjunction with Finale.
I couldn't seem to get two notes to be entered together like it says you can for Sibelius.  I am still checking this,, but I think the workaround that I provided is the best way right now.  I have tried APPLE - Click, APPLE-CLICK-DRAG-PRAY still nothing...just about any combination.  :)  I'll keep looking.

Is there a way of putting more than one sound one each stave?  In other words, if I was using a stave with a cymbal, gong, and possibly crotales , would it be possible to have all of these sounds play on this line?

This is probably a dumb question, but I have been trying to figure out if it is possible.


Are you speaking of having them on the same line of the staff and playing all of the sounds at once, or just being able to set up a custom map that would use only the sounds that you wish?  You could create (or edit) one of the Percussion Maps that already exsist to have the certain notes you want on the staff line/space that you wish, and you should be able to use a Text Expression or Program Chnage to trigger a different sound.  It is all going to depend on which program that you are using.  As this post has to do with the VDLMidi program, you may want to create a different post so that it can be searched for in the future by other users who have your same question.

Hey guys, thanks for the help.  I don't have to worry about it anymore...just got my new Oxygen 8 v2 in today and I love it.  Later.
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