Finale 2007 on Mac with VDL1 and Speedy Entry

Please help.  I was given VDL1 as a present from a student and would love to learn how to use the sounds for the battery with Finale 2007 on my mac.  I use Speedy Entry to write music on my Mac and do not have a MIDI or a piano/keyboard to play notes into the computer.

Is there a way to use the VDL1 sounds in Finale 2007 with Speedy entry?  If so could someone please let me know how to set it up and use it?  I have tried a lot and read up on most topics on the tapspace site.  I just am lost as to how upload the sounds from VDL so that when I use Speedy Entry I actually hear the SCV drumline sounds and not the dumb preloaded Fnale incorrect sounds.

Thank you.
Hey Tim,

Check here:

or here if you are using a Mac:

Hope this helps.  Basically you are going ot have to use speedy note entry & a keyboard (either virtual or real) to enter the notes as the mapping is such that simple note won't work.

Again, I hope the urls above help some.

Thanks so much for the reply.�� I am still super lost.�� I don't understand what portion of the VDL CD to copy to my hard drive on my Mac.�� I also don't know where to copy it to on my Mac using Finale 2007.

I basically need to know how I am going to use Speedy entry in Finale 2007 on a Mac with no keyboard and actually here the VDL sounds with my computer.

Any specific help is appreciated.

P.S.  With Finale 2007 and VDL 1 do I need a  soundfont program like Kontakt?

Yes, you need a Giga or soundfont compatible program or soundfont compatible soundcard if you're using VDL1. This is one reason that VDL2 is much easier to get up and running with since it comes included with its own player. I'd recommend you aim toward using that when you can make the bump up. There's a listing of some of the various differences between VDL1 and VDL2 at:
I actually have a copy of Kompakt for Mac that I was just trying to get rid of (I just bought Kontakt 2). Would you be interested in buying it? I can definitely sell it for way less than trying to buy VDL2 (although I recommend it 100%!!) But if you would like to use what you have for cheap, get ahold of me. My email is Thanks!

Just keep in mind you'll have to work out the license transfer directly with NI, and if you're planning on running this on an Intel Mac, Kompakt is no longer being made and as a result, won't run as a plug-in, or in native mode other than Rosetta.
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