Finale Battery, Sibelius Front Ensemble Playback Tips!

I don't know how many people are in the same boat as I am, but I've just figured out a way to have VDL Battery playback in Sibelius from VDL Finale Files. I write for primarily front ensembles, so writing with a Finale battery user is usually a hassle to get a recording done. It's DEFINITELY not notationally correct, but here's the process-

1. Export battery only from Finale in .mid format.
2. Do clef and staff type changes to the battery staves in Sibelius so they are treble clef, and the staff type is 5 line pitched (no key signature).
3. Import the battery .mid into Sibelius as it's own file.
4. Copy and paste each part into your wind/pit score
5. Assign channels as you normally would for the battery in Sibelius
6. Hit Play!

I found this incredibly useful, because I used to try the MusicXML route (which works WONDERFULLY for winds) and It would take so much tweaking to get ANY sound out. I hope this will help someone else as much as it helped me!!!


That's why they called you MacGyver. Nice one buddy ;-)
NICE!  Thanks Matt!
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