I just bought the M-Audio Oxygen 8 V2 25 Key Keyboard. I want to configure the Controls to work with Sibelius 4 and with Virtual Drumline 2. Does anyone know how to do that? It says you can make Presets. I would like to have one for VDL2, and one for Sibelius 4. If anyone knows how to do this it would really help. The thing doesn't come with specific instructions.
The control knobs you are referring to would be controller changes you would do in Sibelius.  C1,# for mod wheel changes C21,# and C22,# for motor control on vibes, etc.
What I am referring to is when I move the Knobs on my Keyboard they move in VDL2 like the 8 control knobs on VDL. This way I can do control changes in Sibelius through flexi-time with just my Keyboard. I don't know how to configure my Keyboard to work with that. Some knobs do work on VDL2 but the wrong knobs move the wrong Controls.
You can download user manuals for all M-Audio products at:
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