Drum set basic sound problem

I was hoping someone could help me out here...

I am writing a drum set part within a full band score.  All of my sounds using VD2 are working great.  However, when I put this part in, I can not get the snare voice to speak at all.  I wrote the ride cymbal in layer 1 and the snare in layer 2 within Sibelius. At the time of when I actually imputed the notes, the sounds were working great.  However later, when I opened the score once again, the snare voice would not speak - only the ride cymbal speaks.  How can I fix this?  Thank you!
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Check to make sure that any dynamics you have written are applied to all layers, not just layer 1 or 2.  Select the dynamic marking then look at which layer colors are highlighted in the keypad. Not sure if this is the problem with which you're dealing, but it's at least worth checking out.

Hope this helps!
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