Quick Question on RTAS Plug In (and maybe a stupid one)

I have been using the VDL 2 player w/Sibelius and have recently purchased an MBox 2 w/Pro Tools LE 7.3...I am wondering if I can just install the RTAS plug in from the installer or if I need to redo the whole install of VDL 2 on my system?




I believe if you put the install disc in, it will give you the option to install only certain items.  I haven't tried it, but that's typically what happens with software.
Try just installing the RTAS version.  The samples shouldn't matter in regard to the plugin format.
Hey Jeff,

It's possible that you may have already installed the RTAS version. If you don't see it in ProTools, it may not have been installed. You can reinsert the VDL DVD and select to ONLY install the RTAS plug-in by selecting ";custom install"; rather than ";easy install.";

Also, be sure you're using the latest version of Kontakt Player. I believe the version on the DVD is a bit out of date, and there was an update later that focused on some RTAS specific issues. You should be able to update by logging into your account on the NI website, and going to their ";updates"; pages, or if you're using the NI Service Center program, you can access the update from there.
I have everything updated, installed the RTAS plug-in and it still doesn't show up in pro tools...K2, shows up as I have that installed but not VDL2....rebooted, reinstalled, etc....still not showing up....

Thoughts? (and thanks!)

Try some of the stuff I sent in the email.

If you keep having problems, trash the Digi Prefs.

Try this:

1) Mac Hard Drive-->Users-->users file folder-->Library-->Preferences

2) Drag to Trash com.digidesign.protools.plist DAE prefs.(the entire folder), Digisetup.OSX and any Pro Tools LE preferences files.

3) Check all hard drives for-->Digidesign Database-->Volume.ddb and possibly Cache.wfm
Delte those files and/or folders

4) Trash Databases Folder (if present)
Mac Hard Drive-->Library-->Application Support-->Digidesign-->Databases-->Trash Volumes folder

5) Empty trash and then restart.

Again, make sure the VDL2 files are showing up in the Digidesign plugins folder.
Oh, and another side note, make sure you look through all of the plugin directories under the inserts.

Instrument plugins have been known from time to time to get recognized as compressors or EQs if you don't have Automatic Sorting turned on in the Setups window.
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