Anyone use Cubase SX.....Help

I'm trying to mixdown (bounce) a project within Cubase SX.  I've merried 2 MIDI files in Cubase, one percussion score and one wind score.  I've already been able to mixdown just the percussion score using the tutorial on the forum.  Actually, I've done a lot of just percussion MP3's using Cubase hosting Kontakt 2 as a VST.

My issue is with every test using both percussion and winds all I get are  the drum parts from Kontakt VST and no winds.  However, when I play the working project back within Cubase it plays great.  I've tried using both a pre loaded MIDI Korg 110 that came with Cubase as well as just using the default Creative Soundfont Synth.  The MIDI outs and the channels all seem correct, i.e. it plays back fine, just no mixdown.

I'm willing to give as much info as someone might need to help me trouble shoot this.  I just don't know where to start. 

Like I said, I have no trouble using Cubase, Kontakt and VDL to create wonderful MP3's.  I'm now trying to use the same process to create both percussion and winds MP3's.  Please help!!

Have you checked your bounce source (like outputs 1&2 or something like that)? 
Source?  Like sound card?  Can you dumb it down for me Tyler...
Bounce source is the outputs from your interface (or soundcard) that Cubase will take the stereo bounce from.

So if you have outputs 1&2 set as your track outputs in Cubase for the Perc and Wind tracks, make sure when you go to bounce, Cubase is looking to bounce from outputs 1&2 instead of something like 3&4.
I have Cubase SE and looking into the Documentation it says that:

[quote]";MIDI tracks are not included in the mixdown!
To make a complete mixdown containing both MIDI and audio, you first need to record
all your MIDI music to audio tracks (by connecting the outputs of your MIDI instruments
to your audio inputs and recording, as with any other sound source).";[/quote]

This may be why you are able to hear the audio playback but it is not included with your mp3 from Cubase.  There is a Delay feature in Cubase over by the OUTPUTS area and you may be able to save your MIDI Tracks via your Notation program to WAV and then import into an Audio Track in Cubase over your VDL tracks.  You could then adjust this delay to make it line up if neccesary. 

That's a good idea.  I'm not aware if I can save as a .wav w/ Finale 05 but I'll check tonight.  I read the same thing in the docs from Cubase but haven't been able to figure out 'how' to record all my midi tracks to audio.  Not very intuitive if you ask me....but nothing ever is until you figure it out.  Remember how hard inverts were at one time?!?  At least I'm getting quite a self-tought lesson :)

I needed to get something out so this is what I did....I just substituted VDL mallet samples for the horn patches in K2 as a VSTi within Cubase and it worked well enough.  Actually sounded like a pretty cool indoor percussion program rather than a marching band opener, lol.  Question, if I threw more money at this problem and bought the GPO (or the new marching band version due out) is it as easy as loading those samples in K2 along with VDL and mapping everything in Cubase?  Sounds easy enough...

Thanks guys, as always.  Good poeple.

Ty Allinger (Hope)
I would reccommend getting the Garritan Marching Band.  This will be able to be used as a VST in Cubase through the use of Kontakt Player 2...which is what VDL 2.5 will also be using so youll have everything right there at your disposal.
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