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Hey guys,

Odd OT here, I just got a phone call from the Junior High Band Director in my area and she has been trying to get the wheels off her 32"; Yamaha Timpani.  Tried to remove the wheels the way I do at the university here and it doesn't work on ours.  Anyone know off the top of their heads how to remove the wheels to get it through a door.  Ours at ISU just pull off and have a shaft with a rubber grommet around it. One good yank and they are off.  Not so with these.  They were purchased in the mid 90's and are your standard Yamaha.  Sorry i don't have a model number.  Thanks to anyone who can help.
This might seem like the standard response, but I bet if you called someone in the percussion department at Yamaha they could help you out.
shoot an email to Joel Tzlaff. . .


Great guy and has always been helpful with any problems I have had in the past with my yamaha equipment.

Thanks guys,

Joel had all the answers I needed.  Thanks again.
He always does. . . No worries man.
Joel rocks.
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