OT Poll: Ideas for next VDL Composition Contest

with VDL:2.5 coming out soon, there will be a wave of inspiration among us VDL fanatics.  Maybe Tapspace will offer a new composition contest soon...  Which 'genre' would you want to create a composition in the most?  Feel free to offer any ideas/comments.

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Sounds good Coach!
I am all for a  Mallet ensemble 2-5 players.
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Keep the idea simple AND amazing!

drumline battery cadence

Ok... we can all do a peice in 94/32 time!!!! Simple enough....  hehehe
Keep the idea simple AND amazing!

drumline battery cadence
marching percussion would be sweet, i've arranged many a compositions for this. Cadences would be cool too, but they do that all the time
Either Concert Percussion piece [b]or[/b] a Marching Percussion Feature would be fine.  The trick will be in setting guidelines without hindering the creative part.
I think it should be limited to a mallet duet, and to have a short time limit of 2 or 3 minutes. 
that sounds interesting... I am currently working on transcribing the 2005 SCV Tenor Ensemble... its good stuff hehe
My vote is for marimba, marching tenors, and rack :)
details please. . . :-)
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Let's bump this back up to the top and see if anyone is still interested...

Good call Uncle Jessie, I totally forgot about this!

I guess the time frame would be tough to find though. Since I started writing for the full marching band I'm pretty much writing year round, with drum books in the summer and early fall, indoor shows in late fall and winter, and full marching shows in the spring.

When do you guys think would be a good time to hold this?
Let's bump this back up to the top and see if anyone is still interested...
I've already started writing one.

1- Marimba
1- Vibes
1 player with ..............

ANVIL RACK !!!!!  :-D  LOL     
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I think on the other end of the spectrum as well it'd be great to approach a contest for more small ensembles.�� The VDL2.5 library is just [u]so big[/u] it'd be really cool to have guidelines like ";write a 2 minute piece for marimba, concert toms, and triangle"; or something more minimalist.�� Really tap the community to see how creative people can be with less colors on their palette.

I AGREE!!!!  This would be a great way to really tap everyones brains for very DIFFERENT literature.  And you never know - you might get a pretty col arrangement out of an instrumentation you never thought youd use before.  I like this idea.

Something with a time limit and a instrumentation that is set in place.
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Neat idea Robbie, but I'm afraid it would turn into a battle of hardware and not skill. If I spend $5K on a machine and another $2K on studio monitors am I going to get a better sound from my sequence? Unless I'm totally missing the point...it's more based on hardware capability and your ability to use it rather than raw creativity. I understand there's still a wall to leap to compete in the most basic of contests around here, but this particular wall seems pretty high.

To quote the first sentence on the ";About Tapspace"; page:

";Tapspace Publications is a publishing company specializing in creative percussion music";

Just thought I would throw that in the mix:)
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