OT Poll: Ideas for next VDL Composition Contest

with VDL:2.5 coming out soon, there will be a wave of inspiration among us VDL fanatics.  Maybe Tapspace will offer a new composition contest soon...  Which 'genre' would you want to create a composition in the most?  Feel free to offer any ideas/comments.

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details please. . . :-)
My vote is for marimba, marching tenors, and rack :)
that sounds interesting... I am currently working on transcribing the 2005 SCV Tenor Ensemble... its good stuff hehe
I think it should be limited to a mallet duet, and to have a short time limit of 2 or 3 minutes. 
Either Concert Percussion piece [b]or[/b] a Marching Percussion Feature would be fine.  The trick will be in setting guidelines without hindering the creative part.
marching percussion would be sweet, i've arranged many a compositions for this. Cadences would be cool too, but they do that all the time
Keep the idea simple AND amazing!

drumline battery cadence
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Keep the idea simple AND amazing!

drumline battery cadence

Ok... we can all do a peice in 94/32 time!!!! Simple enough....  hehehe
I am all for a  Mallet ensemble 2-5 players.
Sounds good Coach!
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