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Hey guys,

I just purchased Up front at the cavies booth at last nights show (which was great).  I'm almost done reading it but was wondering, how do i get the different roll symbols in Sibelius 4?  The Guatemalan, independents, Lateral, and combination rolls.  I'm guessing its under symbols or something but have had no luck when I've gone exploring.  Anyone have an answer.  Thanks in advance.
You can get the ";Z"; symbol by going to the notes you want to add it to, typing ";Z"; and you will get a Symbol Selection.�� If you scroll down a bit you will see a row for ";percussion";�� At the far right there should be a ";Z";.

For Hand-to-Hand Rolls you would find this symbol on the ";Keypad"; window - on the third tab.�� Highlight the note that will have this symbol and then go to the ";Keypad"; window and then the third tab.�� Click on the symbol there for how many slashes you would need.

For Combination Rolls, you can highlight the note, type CTRL-t, type leter ";s";�� On the Properites window there is a TEXT tab.�� You can then change the font for this.�� There are many ways to make the symbol so someone else might also have another way they use.

You can do the same as with the ";s"; symbol but you will want to make the ";[i]O[/i]"; in italics.�� To do this:

1.) Highlight Note by clicking on it with your mouse
2.) CTRL-t to allow you to put in a technique
3.) CTRL-i and you will see this made ready to put in letters in italics
4.) SHIFT-o and you will put in a capital ";O"; in italics.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Coach.  That helps a lot.  Have a good one.
Anytime, Alex.  I am glad I could help.  When I was looking at that book I was reminded of what a good idea that is about using those symbols above the notes.  I have usually just done Text Expressions, but these symbols take up a lot less space, and who knows maybe if enough people use them they will get to be a standard notation?

Take care.
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