VDL 2.5 with kontakt player

Hey guys I was wondering if with VDL 2.5 it comes with the ability to do the staff type changes in sibelius without needed the full kontakt player?  I know Jim has posted that you need to load the sounds you want into an instrument bank (usually in kontakt) and then do a program change in sibelius.  Im just wondering if maybe VDL 2.5 has this instrument bank and could maybe allow me to do these staff type changes without buying the full kontakt 2.  Thanks

Yes, there will be the ability to set up program banks in 2.5.  Switching banks will still be the same in Sibelius.  With Sibelius 5, it will be different, but more information on that will be along soon.
The newer Kontakt Player that comes with VDL 2.5 ��(which is KP 2.2.2) will have the abililty to load Instrument Banks. ��So in this respect you will have the ability to load those sounds into the bank like you would in the full Kontakt and then do Program Changes from KP2.
DOH!!  Bill Beat me on that one.  :)
cool thanks guys. yea im getting ready to upgrade to sibelius 5 too so i guess ill take a look at that info when it comes out

I do not see the little ";wrench"; symbol in Kontakt Player 2 that allows me to load instument banks. I currently have VDL 2.5 installed and am using Kontakt Player 2 ver 2.2.2.

Anyone able to explain how I can use the instrument bank feature?


Not exactly like doing it in Kontakt 2, but found this thread (https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=1895.0) that helped me figure it out.

Basically, you create one from the instrument drop down menu (click on the downward arrow to the right of Instruments) on the left hand side (the VDL2.5 sound set) and choose ";Banks";, then ";Empty Bank";. (For those of you seeking the same answer)

Thanks anyway!
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