Set Finale to host vdl2 as a plug in

I can't figure out why Finale 2006 won't let me select Play Finale through Native Instruments VST. I've completed the previous 3 steps in the quick setup guide for Windows - Finale 2006-07 users. Any Help?
We need a lot more specifics about your setup.  Mac or PC, what you've tried, etc.
Do you have the template or another Finale document open?
Until there is an open file selecting the NI plugins is not possible.

If the answer to the first question is yes, can you select ";Use Native Instruments for playback";? That may not be the exact wording, but you should get the idea.

If the answer to the previous question is NO, then you will probably need to reinstall VDL because Finale is not recognizing the plugin. For more detailed Windows info check the manual on page 8. I do not recall but some NI plugins and sample players require the user to run the program once in stand alone mode before using as a plugin.

If the answer was instead YES, then below the ";Use NI"; option you should see ";Edit NI plugins";. Select that option then choose ";Edit";. You should find VDL listed here.

Hope that helps and as Bill said, we need more info.

Ted Boliske
Are you getting any error messages when you choose ";PLAY FINALE THROUGH NATIVE INSTRUMENTS VST";?  Are you just unable to choose Virtual Drumline 2 when you click on Edit?

Any and all additional information is really ging to help us troubleshoot this for you like they said previously.
I guess if you are getting the ";VST SERVICES UNAVAILABLE"; message when trying to choose that option from the MIDI Menu, I would reinstall Finale from the discs and then restart your computer.
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