Snare Sounds missing

I'm running Finale 2006 with VDL2 on Windows XP...Everything is all set up with the template that I downloaded and seems to be working great except for the snare drum staff. On top of the staff (single line, where most snare drum notation is placed), the notes have a slash for some reason and sound like rim shots. All of the staff attributes look to be correct as well as the percussion map selection on the right VDL2 snareline map.
How do I change to the correct snare sound and notation?
are you using the AUTO R/L sounds or FULL/LITE?

try going to th e STAFF TOOL -->double-click the SNARE staff and then where it says Notation Style: Percussion, click SELECT.�� Make sure that the correct SNARE MAP is highlighted and then click EDIT.�� CLick ALL NAMED NOTES and then DONE, and then SELECT, then OK.�� Are you using a MIDI Keyboard or entering with your mouse?  My assumption is that the Map wasn't applied completely to this staff.
OK that fixed the problem! Thanks!
Great to hear, Willy!

Glad you are up and running again.
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