Technical Help

Hey gang

I’m home from the road for a couple of days and of course I need to get some writing done.

Ran into a little problem today.

All of my sounds are a 2nd lower than written.  Play a Ab on the keyboard and it sounds as written the Bb sound.  (make sense?)

I went back and checked some stuff I’ve already written and it’s doing the same thing with that also.  Must've screwed with my midi settings some how - not sure what I did?


Finale 2007
Using the downloaded template
Mac Pro
4 gb of memory
M-audio O2

Thanks in advance
Rich Hammond

Rich - It sounds like you've probably (accidentally) set your O2 to transpose. Check the O2 documentation, and do a ";reset"; to factory settings, and all should be well.
I've had a similar problem and Jim's method will work.  It just takes some fiddling to get the factory reset to work!

Thank you so much!
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