Problem getting VD2 Playback Sound Working

Just started using VD2.  I have written some music using the VD Sibelius template.  When I try to run the playback through VD, it sounds really wierd.  Not sure if my soundcard is the problem or I just configured VD improperly. 

Need help.
More info please.  Memory, sound card, anything you can give us to help.
I have a Dell Dimension 2400.  It has 1.25 GB of memory, 2.66 GHz processor.  I'm not sure about the sound card.  Under the deive manager under hardware in the System Control Panel, it says SoundMAX integrated digital audio...It's probably the default sound card that comes with these dell boxes.

Next question for you.  What do you mean by it sounds weird?  How dense is the score you're trying to play back?  Lots of instruments all at once, etc.
The score includes most battery parts and some pit patrts (xylophone, marimba, vibes).  It sounds weird in that the sounds are chopy and partial sounds, meaning some parts you don't hear.  I hear some of the snare parts, but only partially.  Sometimes you just get random sounds that don't make any sense.
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