Exporting Audio

I am having problems exporting the VDL2 audio with Sebelius. I am trying to send it to a band i am writing for and I need some help. Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction.  Thanks

When you export as audio, it is only exporting sounds found in Sibelius.  Since VDL:2 is not in Sibelius, it will export those as MIDI sounds which is why you are hearing what you're hearing.  What you need to do is either export everything as a MIDI file and use a sequencer to make the recording, or use a program like Audacity or #1 Sound Recorder to record what comes out of your speakers.  With those two programs you hit record on that program, then play on Sibelius and what you hear from your speakers is what is recorded.
That link mention the Silver or Gold Kontakt player. When I go to export it (file+export+audio) it asks me if i want to use the Kontakt player. If I push ";yes"; it records bells and wistles, if i push ";No"; it cancels the recording. So i think i set something up wrong with VDL2 and/or the Kontakt player?
This is a fairly common misunderstanding with Sibelius 4's audio export function. Please check out this topic on the FAQ:

I am working with Sibelius 4. I went throught the ";[b]File+Export+Audio[/b]"; cycle. It recorded the sounds, but it wasn't VDL2 sounds. There was bells and wistles and all. VDL2 playback is working great, just not when I try to record to audio so i can export it into a file. For the Sytem specs, i am not currently on my personal computer, so i'll have to get back to you on that, and i dont know it righ off hand, sorry about that.
How are you trying to export the audio?  What version of Sibelius?  System specs?  We need more information before we can help you.
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