Install VDL 2?

I just bought a new computer and wanted to install VDL 2.  I pre-ordered VDL 2.5 so that will be on it's way when it's ready.  My question is, if I install VDL 2, then VDL 2.5 when it arrives, will I have a bunch of extra files from 2 on my computer?  In other words, should I wait until VDL 2.5 to install?  Let me know what you think.  Thanks a bunch!

If you install VDL2 on your machine, then install VDL 2.5 you will essentially have two large libraries on your machine. VDL 2.5 will not write over VDL2. You can always install VDL2, then uninstall it when you're ready to install 2.5. It will be shipping soon, so the wait won't be much longer.

Hope this helps!
Will uninstalling VDL 2 (which I assume is an official uninstall) get rid of it was never there to begin with?  I just want to avoid clutter on my computer, but if the uninstall is easy and sufficient, it seems like a great option.  Thanks a bunch!

If you uninstall VDL 2 then you will be getting rid of that installation.�� You would then only have VDL 2.5 and the library files that come along with that.�� You may still have the .dll files or other remnants of that version around if you have other notation software like Finale that requires dll files to be copied into that program folder.�� So, to get rid of it completely, there would be some files that you would want to remove.�� Sometimes uninstalling via the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS does not get rid of the Program Files folder for VDL 2 or other programs - so that might be something you have to manually remove, and there are also Registry Keys that are also left.�� These usually are not an issue though unless you want to be SUPER technical about getting rid of EVERYTHING.

In Summary:

The uninstall Process will remove VDL2 if you choose to do so and will be enough (with the removal of some other smaller files) for your needs.�� At that time, should you need direction in which files yo u need to manually delete, we can point you in the right direction.
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