OT - Studio Monitors/Speakers

I'm looking for suggestions and am curious what everyone uses for speakers/monitors. I want to upgrade my Logitech gaming speakers to something more studio quality. I'd like something not too big (or expensive) and something with good clarity and depth. (for obvious reasons :P).
drumcat, I'm sold.��

I am sitting in this recording studio in Franklin, TN (First Avenue Sound Studio) for three days and have been listening to my jazz band record all day.�� I'm listening to them through a pair of Blue Sky monitors sitting on the mixing console.�� I am really impressed.�� I am especially impressed with the clarity that they have from top to bottom.��

I have totally rethought my next purchase as far as monitors go.�� Unless I cross paths with some other brand that gets my attention like these, I'm gonna swallow really hard and go for a set of Blue Sky Active 2.1 Monitor System with 100W Bi-amped Satellite Speakers and 200W 12"; Sub ($1800 from Sweetwater).�� If I chooseI, I can upgrade later to 5.1 surround sound.

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