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I know there are many of us here who do our own arrangements of tunes (especially us younger cats) whether it be original, for fun or for profit, and I want to take that to the next level and perhaps make some money with it.  That said, I wanted to ask some of those here who are more experienced, what does that take?

Let me clarify...
As I'm looking at his (Key's) website, he has his original compositions, public domain arrangements and copyright clearance arrangements.  If I were to arrange a Russian music show, with the intent to sell it later on, I would have to secure permission to arrange for all of the tunes, correct? 

So now I (theoretically) have the permissions secured and the show arranged and groups express interest in using it.  I assume they're going to have to clear the copyrights?  Now, what, if anything, would I be required to do between this and next year, when I again offer my Russian program to groups?  Or am I free of any obligation once I've secured the rights to arrange it and the responsibility solely lies on the group that desires to use it?  (For example, Key's arrangements of Russian X-mas/Easter/Pictures).

I'm considering doing some full band arranging for fun in my spare time, and might be interested in taking that to the next level.  In doing that, I want to make sure that I do everything correctly, follow all the right steps and such.
Thanks for all of your help in advance.

As far as I know, Key has the arrangements that he did for a group.  That group had to secure permission to arrange for him before he started arranging.  If anyone wants to buy that show now, they have to secure permission to arrange before he can send it out. 

Permissions are given for only one group and usually only for one year (season) use.
Thanks Bill.  I believe you answered my questions.

So, essentially, I could have a whole slew of arrangements (done by me) in my closet for as long as I'd like, but before anyone can use them, they must secure the permissions/copyrights? 

I was always wondering if there was something that had to be done on the composer/arranger side.

Thanks man!
Well, you could have them and odd's are, no one would ever find out about them.  If someone wanted to buy them, they'd need to get permission first.  You'd want to be careful and not mention them on your site or anywhere else.
I understand.  By the way, all of this is hypothetical (in case anyone is planning on investigating me)
[quote author=Cadet311 link=topic=1854.msg9170#msg9170 date=1184187138]
I understand.  By the way, all of this is hypothetical (in case anyone is planning on investigating me)

Good call... :)
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