Samples not found error message

PC w/ Vista 32 bit

I downloaded the 1.5 update for VDL2, following the instructions. When I open Kontact and load any mallet instrument, I get the error message: ";Samples not found"; for all of the mallet percussion cymbal sounds.

When I was unzipping 1.5, it gave me messages that several folders already contained files of the same name and that I could retry (which didn't work) or skip. i had to skip them to unzip the folder. Is this what is causing my problem?

If so, can anyone send me an unzipped copy of the update? This may be a bug in Vista yet to be worked out.

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Problem solved.

Windows Vista does not properly unzip the 1.5 update. I looked through my external hard drive from my old (XP) computer and had backed-up the VDL Library folder with the 1.5 update.
I then copied it to the VDL folder on my new laptop and it is running perfectly.

Maybe until Vista is improved, a link can be set up on the update page to download an unzipped folder with the files. I am sure this will help all others in the same frustrating situation.
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