Trying a work around for sus cymbal rolls.... insight please

I'm writing my fall arrangment and I'm running into the same problems I had before with Finale 07. But now I'm using Finale 2008 and VDL2 and I was hoping Finale would work a bit better with this.

I'm finally giving up trying having a marimba (or vibes) play a notated sus cymbal roll that is even close to being on the staff.  I just cant get that to work even after searching the forums for some time, I'm just out of time.  So I'm notating it just as an ";A"; on the staff with a roll articulation, but have set the midi value of the key velocity to Zero.  It still plays through VDL2.  I want it to only be a visual thing, nothing else.  Then I thought I would make a dummy staff and put in all the sus cymbal rolls for playback effect.

Why isnt this working??

Using an iMac 20"; Intel with 2 gigs of ram.  Finale 2008

It will be OPTION -'  (apostrophe key)  This will give you the three slash tremolo marking with Maestro Font
yah, I'm on a Mac.  I'll look for something like that though.

What I might do is create the symbol as a Shape Expression or even a Text Exression.

1. Click Expression tool
2. Double-click where you want to place it
3. Choose Note Expression at the bottom left and then click CREATE in the Expression Selection window
3. Go to the TEXT MENU and choose MAESTRO, 24, plain as your font
4. Hold down your ALT key while typing 0190 on your number pad and then let go of your ALT key.�� If you are on a laptop on windows you will need to hold your ALT key >AND< your ";Fn"; key while typing the numbers and hten letting go of the ALT key and Fn key once you have typed all the numbers.
5. You should then see the Roll symbol.�� Click OK and then Select the Symbol
6. Place the symbol where you would like

Human�� Playback is designed to read that articulation.�� There are some things that you might be able to do to work around this, but this would be FAR easier.

Hope this helps.�� This is of course if you are on WINDOWS.�� If you are on Macintosh, you will want to go to HELP -->Maestro Character Map and look for the combination of keys to aquire the correct symbol.
ok so one more related question.  If I put a roll articulation on the note (in Rhythmic mode) can I make it not roll the note?  Makes the sound not smooth.  Know what I'm talking about?
genius, [url=]Pure genius!![/url]

thanks so much!! You'd think after thinking about this for months, this would've hit me!!�� - today it did, like a TRUCK!!!

I do the following:

1.�� Notate the cymbal note.�� Do not worry that it is above the staff.
2.�� Select just that section of the measure with the Staff Tool and then type ";R"; for Rhythmic Notation.�� This will then put it on the middle line.�� Here is an example:


You would also want to make sure that the Rhymic Notation Staff Style was set to be Percussion Clef like I have it if you wish to have the Clef Change.

I hope this helps.
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