Synchronizing Audio Files

I am sure this topic has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find the post regarding this matter.

Anyway, I have made two seperate sounds files in .WAV format.  One file contains the battery parts using the VDL 2 sound files and the other is a .WAV of the SoftSynth sounds of a band score I wrote in Finale 2007.

So, I have saved both files in the same format since I've tried the add band instruments to the VDL2 template, but I am rather against the less-than-stellar sounds of the MIDI instruments.  Sure, it lines up with the time delay feature in Cubase SX, but is there any way to sync up both files without the delay?

It will work for about a phrase or so and then it just gets off all over again, so I am wondering if there is any way to align these seperate files via Cubase SX or Acid Pro 6.0?

I would greatly appreciate the help!
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Rather than using Human Playback in the Playback Controls, turn this to none and then highlight your whole document with the MASS EDIT TOOL.�� ��Then go to the MASS EDIT -->PLUGINS MENU -->PLAYBACK -->APPLY HUMAN PLAYBACK...

This will allow you to�� Apply the Human Playback the same to each staff all together rather than having the other Human Playback process it differently for each staff.  Then, you can separate them and combine them.  I have used this at times.
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