OT: 2007 Cavaliers Houston

Just  uploaded the entire warmup, victory performance and a little bit of rehearsal from Yesterday.
I also caught some of Boston and Glassmen.


GREAT stuff! That would have to be the BEST snare sound I have heard from a YAMAHA snare. Just one question. . .Is the bottom bass a 32? It seemed a little small, but sounded like a 32...
Hey there - thanks for the compliments! I wish I could take credit for the snare tuning, but that credit goes to Dustin Schletzer, Murray Gusseck, Carl Eppler, and the guys in the line. Bottom bass is a 32";, however it's a little narrower (depth wise) than the typical 32. This is an amazing group of guys, and I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed them. We're just leaving Houston now for San Antonio gearing up for an exciting show tomorrow night!
Nice Shirts!

I love the sound of the basses. Lots of round tone with a little punch. Any tips?
We started using the Remo PowerMax this year (from Ambassadors) for the first time, and they seem to be working pretty well. The pre-built muffling is being used on all heads, with extra shell muffling on basses 4 and 5. For more details, contact Jaime Alvarez-Calderon - our resident bass genius extraordinaire.

I saw you guys in San Antonio.  I really enjoyed the entire music book of Billy Joel.  Congratulations on an entertaining show! 

Thanks Dennis!
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