New Finale Templates for VDL 2.5

Thanks to our resident VDL Finale template guru, Ted Boliske, with assistance from bsark, and Scott Hirsch, we now have some new Finale templates available. These templates are being supplied for the 2006, 2007, and 2008 editions of Finale. In the templates are percussion maps for many unpitched instruments from Virtual Drumline 2.5. These templates will also work for VDL:2 users (with exception of a few minor instrument renamings, and a few enhanced mappings).

You may download the templates at:
Can someone please tell me where to get the template for VDL 2.5  if I am using Finale 2005...?  I can only find the templates for 2006 or newer...
You can use the VDL2 template for Finale 2005 and it should work just fine. The only things that may differ are that certain instruments were slightly renamed in VDL 2.5. For example, ";Snareline Full"; (in VDL2) is now called ";Snareline Manual"; (in VDL 2.5). Other than a few minor sounds that were added to the 2.5 templates (such as cowbells and ribbon crashers on snareline patches), the mapping will be identical and should work fine.

You can, of course, create your own mappings in a customized template of your own. The templates offered on the Tapspace site are a voluntary service offered by some dedicated and talented folks whose work has made a lot of people's lives much easier. :)
Thankyou  Jim
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