Please check if Library is installed correctly.

Hey Everyone

I just got VDL 2.5 in the mail today and went to install.  I did an ";easy install"; -- nothing out of the ordinary.  When I go to load a score and use the VDL sounds it says ";KontaktPlayer2: File was not found.  Please check if Library is installed correctly.";  Sibelius Essentials and Sibelius Gold both work fine.  Also, when I open up the Kontakt Player 2 interface, there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it (warning sign) on the Virtual Drumline 2.5 bank.  I suppose things aren't in the right place, but I did an easy install.  Any ideas?

A yellow triangle is telling you that you've installed the program, but not registered it yet, but that you are still within your 15 day grace period to register it.
You may want to take a look at the following:

1.�� Open Kontakt Player 2 standalone.
2. Click on the Instruments button and make sure you can see a list of instruments.��

If not, you may waant to mkae sure that the Kontakt Player 2 is pointing to the correct folder for the libraries.

1.�� Click on INFO on the VDL 2.5 and then verify the Library Installation Path is matching where you actually have that installed.  If it is not for some reason, then look for where you have placed the VDL 2.5 folder (usually C:\Program Files\Tapspace\Virtual Drumline 2.5  ) and click the CHOOSE button and navigate there and choose the 2.5 folder.

When I click on ";instruments";, all the instruments are listed just as it was in VDL 2.  When I click ";info";, the path seems correct too.  (Macintosh HD: Applications: Tapspace: Virtual Drumline 2.5.";  I'm still getting the error message, and with that no sound.
UPDATE:  It loads the sounds, and when I click the ";keyboard"; within the Kontakt Player Gold interface, I can hear the sounds when I click the keyboard.  It only is giving me the message when I hit ";Play"; in Sibelius 5, or go to write a note on the staff.  This looks like it could be a Sibelius problem.
Indeed this is a problem with the Sibelius 5 sound set for Virtual Drumline 2.5. They've made some initial fixes and should have the new VDL 2.5 sound set posted in the ";help center"; any day now.
Hi Guys, please help I've just installed sibelius 5 and I can't play any files in kontakt player I press play and an error message comes up saying file was not found.  Please check if library is installed correctly.  I'm away from home at the moment so I don't have the manual with me, any help would be great.
Go to the Sibelius website and click the ";help center"; link. Then click the ";sound sets"; link.

Download the updated VDL 2.5 sound set and follow their instructions for installing it.
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