VDL 2.5 / Finale 2008 for PC / Kompakt


My Objective is to write a full winter percussion show to include a front ensemble.

I just received VDL 2.5 today!  I have Finale 2008 which I also just received today as well along with an Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard.  I am also running 2 gigs of ram on a PC (windows XP).  How can I set up VDL 2.5 using Finale 2008 and Kompakt?  Or do I even need Kompakt?  What is your recommendation?



Make sure that you have downloaded the new templates that are at [url]https://www.tapspace.com/updates[/url] for VDL 2.5.�� After this you will want to go to the MIDI/AUDIO MENU -->VST SETUP and then for the dropdown choose Kontakt Player 2 and Virtual Drumline 2.5 should show up there along side the Garritan Instruments for Finale.  Virtual Drumline 2.5 will use the KONTAKT Player 2 rather than KOMPAKT Player.
3 words... Oh My Gosh! VDL 2.5 w/ Finale 2008 is amazing! Thanks for assisting me with the plug-in set up.

Now I just have one slight problem... during note entry and playback, my volume is really low.  I've cranked the volume on the speakers, the PC and the volume settings on the studio view within Finale but only helped a little bit.  Any suggestions on bringing my note entry & playback volume to normal?

Thanks in Advance,
Do you have Ambience Reverb checked on the VST Setup Window?�� Sometimes if you have this one and then you have the DRY and WET gain set too low -  this will cause the volume to be very low.

Try unchecking this if you have this checked.

Check this post as Jim has some good things to check as well.  There is this Master Volume Control in the OUTPUTS section.  You may need to click SHOW INSERTS.  Then when you see the column for ";st.1";  drag the slider up a bit and see if this helps.

Jim, you are way too fast!  I need to type faster.
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