Finale 2006 template

I can't get the Finale 2006 template to open up, it says that the template is an ";Invalid File Type"; 

Also when I ran VD2 there wasn't a problem, but now that I've got 2.5 and I've done everything that is included in the Quick-Setup instructions (including uninstalling the old 2.0), I can't set Finale to host Kontakt 2 as a plug-in even though I've copied the plug-in into the FinaleVST folder.  Help...?
Did you unzip the template file?

When you say Kontakt 2, are you referring to the full version of Kontakt or the player which comes with VDL and Finale?
Try opening the player in stand alone first without Finale. With many Native Instrument programs you must runthe app first this way before running it as a plug in.

Ted Boliske
Make sure that the file actually has MUS after it as the file extension.  You may also want to try downloading the file again as there may have been a download error. 

Make sure, as Ted syas, that you are extracting the file first.  Double click on the ZIPPED folder and then choose EXTRACT ALL FILES from the upper left corner.  It will then place a folder with no zipper and the MUS file should be in there.

What is the version of the Kontakt 2 do you have....Kontakt Player 2 or the Full version?  WHen you go to the Finale VST folder and scroll over the dll file which version does it say?  When you go to C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Kontakt Player 2 and then open the STand-alone version, does VDL 2.5 show up on the left?
I am having the same issue with opening the template for finale 2006. I have the file unzipped, but the template will not open when I click on the icon.  When I attempt to open it through finale I get the following message: While attempting to access ";VDL 2.5 FullScore2006_0.9.9.mus"; the File Manager reported an error. 
Finale - Error occurred.  ID = -12.

I am very new to this, so I'm not quite sure what to be doing with the Kontakt 2 player that came with the program.  I opened the program and VDL 2.5 does show up on the left, but I'm not really sure where to go from there.

I'm sorry to keep the same topic open, but any further advice would be greatly appreciated. 
Are you sure that the template file you're opening up is not for a more recent version of Finale than you own?  The file formats are not forward-compatible, so often you'll get invalid file type errors if you try to open up a file that was saved in a more recent version.

My version of finale says that it is: Finale 2006.r3 for Macintosh.  Do you know if that predates the template for ";2006d or later";? 

I will check, but I believe this is an older version of 06.

Ted Boliske
If you're not sure you're using the latest version of Finale 2006, I'd suggest you go to their site and download 2006d from their [i]downloads/update [/i]pages.
Does the file have the ";.mus"; extension after it, or look like a blank icon?
Thank you for your suggestions.  I downloaded the Finale 2006d update, installed it, but still didn't have any luck.  I even tried installing it twice just in case something didn't install correctly the first time.  The same error message pops up when I try to open the template through finale. 

The template does say .mus after it, and it looks like a normal finale file.
nsteward78 - sorry to hear of the ongoing problem. This may be a long shot, but can you please try re-downloading the template from the Tapspace updates page? And just to be paranoid, try downloading it using a different web browser than what you used last time. Every once in a while, I've heard stories of .zip files becoming corrupted, when downloading using one browser or another. Try Firefox (if you were using Safari earlier), and see if you have any better luck with the file. I'm wondering if maybe the .zip became screwy when you initially downloaded it.
Jim, bring up a good question.  What Browser are you using?  If you are using Firefox try Safari.  Speaking of Safari...are you using the Safari Beta 3?
Maybe you could generate a checksum for the zip file so someone could valiate that for you?  (I can when I get home if you post it)

Open up, navigate to the directory the zip file is in (usually on your desktop, so try ";cd ~/Desktop";) and then type the following command:

[b]cksum -o3 [/b]  (You can just hit the first few letters of the filename, and hit the ";tab"; key to complete it)

What does it output for the checksum? My output at home is:

1312179647 85996
I downloaded the newest version of Firefox and tried that without success.  I should also mention that I am able to open the VDL 2 finale 2006 template.

It may be that I'm just a novice at things like this, but I did a spotlight search for the ";"; and it doesn't appear as though I have that on my computer.  Is that something that I should download as well?  I'm using OSX 10.4.10 just so you know. 

Thanks to everyone who is helping me get started with this.

Would you post or email me the file that you are working with. There may be something I missed when sneding the templates to Jim. BTW, the last version of Finale 2006 was the 2006d.r1. Hope we can find the solution.

Ted Boliske
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