Finale 2006 template

I can't get the Finale 2006 template to open up, it says that the template is an ";Invalid File Type"; 

Also when I ran VD2 there wasn't a problem, but now that I've got 2.5 and I've done everything that is included in the Quick-Setup instructions (including uninstalling the old 2.0), I can't set Finale to host Kontakt 2 as a plug-in even though I've copied the plug-in into the FinaleVST folder.  Help...?
There appears to be a problem with the template file. I downloaded the template using Firefox and got the same error message as Nick. Nick was also kind enough to send me his copy of the file and it did produce the error message. The final version of the template which I sent to Jim does not produce the error. Process of elimination says the zip file may be corrupt.

Ted Boliske
Guys, thanks for your patience in tracking this problem down. I hadn't heard any complaints about this, so I assumed the file was OK. My apologies for the tail-chasing session here!

Ted - would you re-send me your working file at your earliest convenience. I'll see to it that it gets updated on the Tapspace site so the problem will hopefully not occur again.

Thanks again guys, and again, my apologies.
Since it seems like a legitimate problem I'll just answer Nick's question--

If you spotlight ";Terminal"; it should come up.  Alternatively, you can find the application in your Applications folder under Utilities -> Terminal.  I think there's also a terminal entry in the services menu, but don't quote me on that.

If you've never used it it's very similar to an old DOS window (or more specifically a UNIX shell, if you're more familiar) and sometimes it can really bail you out if the GUI is being a little screwy.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this.

Glad you're up and running now Nick. My apologies again for the error you were receiving. Definitely was my fault.
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