VDL 2.5 Mac upgrade install question?

h'lo Tapspace,
I'm about to install my 2.5 upgrade (over 2.0) on my Mac. the booklet instructs me to dump all the 2.0 files and outlines those on my system drive under applications>Tapspace (and others such as .plist, etc.)
what it doesn't address is that, in my case, I had installed my library (";VDL 2 Library";...a *huge* folder) on a seperate drive, just for samples. The question is; do I delete my v.2 library (with all it's .nks files) as well, before installing the 2.5 upgrade?
many thanks,
b myers, composer
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This is up to you. Leaving the VDL2 library folder on your separate drive will not conflict with VDL 2.5 so long as your 2.5 installation is correctly directed to the new VDL 2.5 library folder. If you have session files that use the old VDL2 (plug-in), and you don't want to rebuild those sessions, (and you have disk space to spare) perhaps it would be wise just to keep your VDL2 install and not worry about deleting it. VDL 2.5 will work either way.
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