Trouble installing Kontakt Player in Sibelius 5

I hope this isn't just me. I got 2.5 in the mail today, and I installed it (as a VST Plugin). But when I opened Sibelius and clicked <Playback Devices>, Kontakt Player was not one of the choices. I checked to make sure everything is installed in the correct folder and it is. The other problem is that Sibelius Sounds Essentials will not show up either in the <Available Devices> window. Some people on the Sibelius forum think this is a NI issue, but I wanted to see if anyone had any other thoughts. I also just switched from Finale to Sibelius as well, so any advice would be great.
You may need to copy the file, [b]KontaktPlayer2 VST.dll[/b] to your Sibelius VSTplugins folder. This file is the VST file for KP2. I can't remember off the top of my head if Sibelius 5 has such a folder, but if it does, copying the file there will allow for it to appear in the list of your ";Available Devices.";

Keep in mind Sibelius Sounds Essentials is not a ";device"; per se, but rather would be selected as a ";sound set"; once you've activated an instance of Kontakt Player 2 (in the ";active devices"; pane).

The folks at Sibelius should be able to help you further troubleshoot why Sibelius isn't seeing Kontakt Player. They may also have updated version of sound sets available via their 'help center.'
Thank you for the quick reply. There is a VST Plugins folder and the file [b]KontaktPlayer2.dll [/b] already in it. I think that is the file you're talking about. Correct? I still can't get the Kontakt player to show up, but I'm working with th Sibelius folks as well. Thanks for the help.
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