This might be a stupid request, but for the first time in over 16 years of engraving the composer actually writes for a samba whistle.  I have looked all over VDL 2.5 and cannot seem to find one.  Is this right?  Or have I missed something?

I know it might be a really off the wall request, but a samba whistle for some reason is part of the general midi sounds.

There is a ";General Midi"; sound set that has a Samba Whistle (it is actually called short whistle and long whistle in the keymap) in it.  Check page 82 of the VDL:2 user guide...
Technically, the whistles used in the ";General MIDI Set"; instrument are actually police whistles. If you're in a bind, you could load two instances of the ";Police Whistle"; instrument, set them both to the same channel, then detune one of them so it's similar to the interval of a Samba whistle. Set the LOW one to only play from range: B2-C3. Then set the HIGH one to play from D3-A3.

You can set these ";playable range"; settings in the ";Instrument Options"; window (by clicking on the ";gear"; icon of the loaded instrument).

Until we can get a real samba whistle in there, this may be the best solution. Hope this helps!
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