Error message with VDL:2.5 No playback

I recently aquired VDL2.5 yesterday and have been trying to get it set up correctly.  Before I installed it I had VDL2 and Garritan Personal Orchestra working extremely well.  However, since I installed 2.5 I am not able to get any playback sounds and an error pops up that says:  Could not open MME output device - The specified format is not supported or cannot be translated.  Use the capabilites function to determine the supported formats.   -----     That message appears whenever I start up KontactPlayer 2 (VDL2.5) and Garritan Personal Orchestra which had previously been working perfect before the 2.5 installation.  Now, neither will provide any type of playback.   Please let me know what I am missing, I'm pretty sure I have my settings just like I did in VDL2 but I know I'm overlooking [i]something[/i].

here are my settings:

[b]Audio Setup[/b]
Sound Card:
Interface - Multimedia
Sample rate - 44100
Output device - MME Realtek HD audio output
Output latencey - 117ms

Midi Yoke NT: 1        -       on                 (< this is the only one on, all others in input and output are set to off)
I downloaded the KP2 update and that seems to have fixed it! 
I used to have it but it's not on the list anymore..      I got the sounds to play back but I can't figure out what I did.  If I close out the program and open it back up the sounds won't play and I have to restart the computer for them to work - Ideas?  This is very aggravating because GPO and VDL2  worked 100% before I installed 2.5. 
What hardware are you using?

Have you tried using ASIO, or is it not available to you?
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