Error message with VDL:2.5 No playback

I recently aquired VDL2.5 yesterday and have been trying to get it set up correctly.  Before I installed it I had VDL2 and Garritan Personal Orchestra working extremely well.  However, since I installed 2.5 I am not able to get any playback sounds and an error pops up that says:  Could not open MME output device - The specified format is not supported or cannot be translated.  Use the capabilites function to determine the supported formats.   -----     That message appears whenever I start up KontactPlayer 2 (VDL2.5) and Garritan Personal Orchestra which had previously been working perfect before the 2.5 installation.  Now, neither will provide any type of playback.   Please let me know what I am missing, I'm pretty sure I have my settings just like I did in VDL2 but I know I'm overlooking [i]something[/i].

here are my settings:

[b]Audio Setup[/b]
Sound Card:
Interface - Multimedia
Sample rate - 44100
Output device - MME Realtek HD audio output
Output latencey - 117ms

Midi Yoke NT: 1        -       on                 (< this is the only one on, all others in input and output are set to off)
What hardware are you using?

Have you tried using ASIO, or is it not available to you?
I used to have it but it's not on the list anymore..      I got the sounds to play back but I can't figure out what I did.  If I close out the program and open it back up the sounds won't play and I have to restart the computer for them to work - Ideas?  This is very aggravating because GPO and VDL2  worked 100% before I installed 2.5. 
I downloaded the KP2 update and that seems to have fixed it! 
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