Loading Multiple Instruments to the Same Staff

How would I load 2 instruments to the same staff in Sibelius 5? For example, loading the tambourine and snares into the same staff.
Thanks for the help. I just upgraded to Sibelius from Finale, so Sibelius 5 is all I have. I can tough it out and wait for the new template.
This sort of thing used to be done by loading the two instruments into an ";instrument bank"; in Kontakt, then sending a ";program change"; from Sibelius to swap one instrument out for another. In Sibelius 5, all that will be required is that you create what they call an ";instrument change."; Keep in mind, this functionality will rely on a current, working ";Sound Set"; (downloadable from the help center at http://www.sibelius.com), and should ensure that the ";Sound IDs"; of the sounds/techniques/articulations you wish to play are correctly mapped in the ";instrument"; or ";staff type"; of the score you are using. We are working on an updates VDL template for Sibelius 5. When it is ready, this forum will be the first place it is announced.

If you still have Sibelius 4 installed, you should be able to do this easily by loading an ";empty bank"; from VDL 2.5, then loading your snareline and tambourine into the first two available slots within that bank. Then, using the VDL/Sibelius 4 template, just do a ";staff type change"; and a ";program change"; to swap one instrument out for the other. Some searching on the forum will yield many results discussing program changes.
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