Sampling your own synth or drum machine

I have started incorporating a lot of synths and drum modules into my front ensemble writing but I became really frustrated with the fact that I couldn't reproduce the sounds properly in the score. So I did some research and came across this little jewel of a program. I was really surprised at how easy it was to use and incorporate with VDL. I connected everything, hit the start button and went to bed and in the morning I had the entire drum module sampled at 4-5 different velocities. I renamed the programs and BAM it was done. With the synth I just sampled the banks I wanted to use in the show and it took all of 1-2 hours. Hope this can help someone!

YES...That is what I am saying.

You basically take your equipment home or where ever your computer is. .

Connect a midi cable from your computer to the device you want to sample. . .

Connect the audio output from your device into the line input port of your sound card on your computer

And you are ready to go.

Open the program

Set the range of 8ves per program, the number of velocities per note you want to sample and the number of banks you want the program to sample.

You click start and the automated recording of the different instruments and velocities start recording.

When the recordings stop. .�� you name the different banks and save it as a Kontakt instrument. . .

You will then be able to open the instrument in Kontakt and assign it to whatever midi channel you are writing on. :)��

Here is a visual model of how the process works.
Hey man - I guess I am ignorant about this but are you saying this allowed you to have the sounds from your hardware sound modules available virtually to mix with VDL sounds for recordings?
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